Saturday, February 15, 2014

I am a delegate to the 2014 Massachusetts state convention.

So I, Alex , Marlene Faulkner-Hussein , Patty Coffey and Stacie Ann Hargis are democratic delegates to the state convention representing Lowell Massachusetts second ward. Alicia Page, Fatima (sp?) and Marie-tou (sp?) are alternates.

Our vote decides who represents the Democratic party in the state-wide November elections. My big take aways were:

1. 90% of success is showing up.
2. It is a big advantage to be male.

I arrived late in tatty jeans and a tee-shirt but I still got in. There are (2) spots reserved for each gender and (1) open gender spot. There were only 2 men running.

Alex demonstrated the political acumen to show up on time, shave, wear a shirt with buttons, pants without holes. Probably most important, he was careful to stand next to Stacie. He crushed me 5 to 3 on the ballet for the first spot 5-3. (Thanks to Alicia and my mystery friend for voting for me.)

In the vote for the 2nd male delegate, I ran against nobody and beat him 8 - 0. I doubt I could have beat Marlene, Patty or Stacie, who all demonstrated much more than the minimum commitment.

I guess the gender quota was created some time in the distant past to get women in the game. Now that female political participation exceeds male participation, we might be dealing with un-intended consequences.

The alternative hypothesis is less creditable. I don't think women have more political power than men or that middle aged men need endangered species status.

An interesting bit about the female voting was Patty voted for somebody else the first round. She had only one vote and since it was me, I know she didn't vote for herself.

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