Sunday, September 7, 2014

POP3 gets academic / university / office 365 into gmail

I use Gmail.[*] Part of the cost of a night course at the local Uni is agreeing to use their email, which uses Microsoft's  Fortunately, Gmail can be configured to pull email from other systems.

The winning search term is POP3 academic office 365.  If you know what POP3 is, all you need is that  POP3 server info:

Incoming POP3 server:, port 995, encryption SSL

If you don't know what POP3 is, proceed as follows. You will need:

  1. Your student email username
  2. Your student email password
  3. Confidence that your university is using Academic Office 365  or
  4. a gmail account. 
Given the above:

Login to Gmail and access settings:



Choose accounts

Add POP3 account you own



Add your email address

Set username (probably your email address) , password, POP3 server ( , port (995) and encryption

Finish (no to send outgoing mail as your student account)

Possible Problems / sources of errors

  1. Don't include any invalid letters like a comma  in the POP3 server name 
  2. Do get your username correct. (probably your email address)

Bigger issues

Why do many students have to deal with this multiple account hassle instead of 1 person at the university provide good service in compiling a directory of existing emails  ?

[*] albeit with Icedove

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